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Namaz (Salat) How To Pray

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Salat / Namaz
The Messenger Of Allah Peace And Blessing Be Upon Him
Prayer Is The Key To Paradise
Why Should We Offer Salat / Namaz?
We Offer Salat To Remember Allah, To Be Close To Him And To Gain His Favor.
It Helps Us To Get Used To Doing What Allah  Commands Us.
It Also Helps Us To Do Good Things And Give Up Bad Things
This Why Allah Says In The Quran
" Surely Salat Keeps You Away From The In Decent And The Forbidden"
We Must Pray To Be Good Muslims Allah Loves Good Muslims.
You Cannot Be A Good Muslim If You Do Not Offer You Salat/ Prayer Allah To Will Be Pleased With You.
It Is Fard To Pray Five Times A Day And Night
Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Magrib, Isha
Fajar Prayer Is Performed In The Early Morning
Zohar And Asar Are Performed In The Day
And Magrib And Isha Performed In The Night.
One Unit Of The Prayer Is Called Rakah
Compulsory Prayer Is Called Fard
Prayers Which The Prophet (s.a.w) Said Other Than Fard Are Called Sunnah
Optional Prayer Is Called Nafl.
The Number Of Rakahs In The Prayer
Fajar prayer: First Two Rakahs Sunnah Then Two Fard.
Zohar Prayer: First Two Sunnah Then Four Fard Then Two Sunnah.
Asar Prayer : Four Fard
Magrib Prayer: Three fard Two Sunnah and Two Nafl
Isha Prayer: Four Sunnah Four Fard, Two Sunnah, Two Nafl and Three Rakahs Witr.
We Should Start to Prayer When We Are Seven Years Old.
We Must Not Miss Any Prayer When We are Ten.
Salah Makes us Obedient To Allah. Allah Will Give Us FIne Reward For Our Salat In The Akhirah (In The Here After)
from the hadith of Wa'il bin Hujr who said, " i prayed with the messenger of Allah (s.a.w) and he placed his right hand on upon his left on his chest in the prayer."